About Hobo Jim

Some quotes:

"Hobo Jim is Alaska’s greatest troubadour..." - James Michener, world-famous author of Alaska, Tales Of The South Pacific, many others

"Hobo Jim is the Ramblin' Jack Elliot of Alaska" - Actress/author June Shelly... (Ramblin' Jack’s ex-wife)

Jim has been compared in print and media as:

The Woody Guthrie of Alaska, the Bob Dylan of Alaska, the Jimmy Buffet of Alaska...

He, however, is most proud of being... Alaska’s Hobo Jim.

Hobo with Ann Murray

On the trail

Opening the session of the Alaska State Legislature

Hobo on his boat

On the set of ABC's "Good Morning America"

With the troops in Afghanistan

With Tom Bodett

With Senator Stevens

Out for some fishing...

On stage with Janie Fricke

Hobo & Cindi

On the cover of "The Great Outdoors" with Joni Harms

Singing with Libby Riddles


With Peter Jenkins


Saddling up