Hobo Jim's Recordings

Thunderfoot (1982)

This was my first LP ... yes folks this was before CDs. Thunderfoot was released in 1982 on 33rpm and 45rpm vinyl discs. Oh yeah... and cassette. It was recorded in Denver, Colorado and produced by Amazing Rhythm Ace lead singer Russell Smith, and backed up by my great Colorado friends. This record includes longtime favorites “The Iditarod Trail Song,” "The Coyote and I," and my personal favorite “My Ol’ Tractor.”

The name “Thunderfoot” was given me by a fan for my foot stomping through many shows on many stages.

Thunderfoot contains:
Logger’s Lullabye
Iditarod Trail
The Yodelin’ Logger
The Dramaine Fisher
The Coyote And I
The American Farmer Song
My Ol’ Tractor
Man Of The Road
The Beauty Of You
The Carpenter


Lost and Dyin' Breed (1984)

“Lost And Dyin’ Breed” was my second LP and came out in 1984. We recorded this in Denver, Colorado. Joining me this album are my friends the “New Grass Revival” (Pat Flynn, Sam Bush, John Cowan and Bela Fleck) and also Tim O’Brian of “Hot Rize” fame. The producer, Amazing Rhythm Ace Duncan Cameron, also played. Many more of my most requested songs such as “Miner’s Dream”, “The F/V Mary Ann,” “The Great Alaska Railroad,” and my favorite “Grandpa Hunted Coon” are included.

Lost And Dyin’ Breed contains:
The Great Alaska Railroad
Grandpa Hunted Coon
A Little Nighttime Yodel
Maple Syrup On Flapjacks
Lost And Dyin’ Breed
Miner’s Dream
Lonesome Pines
The F/V Mary Ann
The Shaman’s Song


Where Legends Are Born (1986)

My third album, “Where Legends Are Born,” is also the first one to be released on CD! My Colorado friends had all moved to Nashville when I recorded this record in 1986. It was recorded at Sound Emporium in Nashville. Joining me again were the “New Grass Revival, Ashley Cleveland, and Kenny Malone. “Amazing Rhythm Ace” Russell Smith produced this one. There is not a single song on this album that I wouldn’t list as one of my favorites. The song “Where Legends are Born,” is the one I’m most proud of. It captures Alaska. “Backwoods Girl” an Alaskan women’s fave, and “Wild And Free” makes this record a magical one.

Where Legends Are Born contains:
Where Legends Are Born
Backwoods Girl
Wild And Free
A Cannery Call
On a Yankee Whaler
Athabaskan Fiddler
Off To Dutch Harbor
Ridin' Away



An intense touring schedule had been keeping me from concentrating on songwriting. Many years had gone by since a new album, and my fans were antsy. I assembled a group of songs from earlier recordings and released “Collection.” It is my best selling record as it contains the most requested songs from my first three albums.

Wilderness Way (1996)

Finally in 1996, a new album! Recorded at County Q Productions in Nashville. It was produced by “New Grass Revival” guitarist Pat Flynn. Joining me is Pat, drummer Cactus Moser (Highway 101), bassist Scot Q. Merry, dulcimerist David Schanfer, and recording artists Rob Crosby and Michael Johnson. This project recaptures a lot of time in the woods; “This Cabin,” "The Wilderness Way,” and “Patches," as well as my time on the commercial fishing boats of Alaska: “The Lady Lee,” and “Old Anchor Bar.” But by far my most requested tune and absolute favorite on this album is “Educated Man,” written with my friend Herb McCullough.

Wilderness Way contains:
The Wilderness Way
This Cabin
Educated Man
The Old Anchor Bar
Uncharted Ground
The Lady Lee
Bristlecone Pine
When We Went Fishin’
Goodbye Old Cowboy


Woodsmoke (2004)

Woodsmoke is my masterpiece. Years of writing and recording, and a gathing of friends made this incredible CD happen in 2004. Produced by Scot Q. Merry at County Q studios in Nashville. I’m joined by old friends Pat Flynn, Russell Smith, and David Schnaufer and new friends Ilya Toshinsky (Bering Strait), Brian Pruitt, Paul Scholten and Glen Duncan. Where do I start to describe this record? “Woodsmoke” is a fast-moving back-to-the-woods song; “Redington’s Run” was written for Iditarod founder Joe Redington; “Fishing For Chickens" is a ‘how to’ song; “Salty Sea” is a rowdy Bering Sea song, “Blessed” was written for my wife Cyndi ... THE Backwoods Girl. Enjoy!!

Woodsmoke contains:
The Fisherman’s Song
Reddington’s Run
Fishin’ For Chickens
Woody’s Road
Catalog Dreams
The Salty Sea
The Long Hard Ride