Secret Places


Are you heading south to Louisiana? Louisiana is mostly known for its Mardi Gras festivities. There are a lot of places to go to and a lot of things to see there. However, the best ones are the hidden gems.

These are places that you might have not heard of before. Some of you may have heard about them but they may not be the usual tourist sites. Well, these sites have their own stories to tell. Let’s take you through some of the most interesting places you can include in your travel plan when you visit Louisiana.

Frenier Cemetery

Starting our list is a cemetery. Didn’t we tell you that they are unusual spots? Well, this cemetery comes with a story about a girl named Julia Brown. One day she predicted that she’s going to die and will take the whole town with her.

She did die and everyone in town attended her funeral. It was on September 29, 1915. During the same day, there was a hurricane that hit Laplace. Everyone but two residents survived. The two residents were out of town on that day. Everyone in town is buried in the Frenier Cemetery with Julia.

Lake Peigneur

Those who love nature may have already gone to this lake. However, it has its own unforgettable story too. It was in the late 1980s when they accidentally created a massive whirlpool.

Oil is being mined under the lake. However, miscalculations led the miners to drill through the ceiling. Although the workers escaped, a grand man-made whirlpool was created. It was the only time when the Gulf of Mexico flowed North. The whirlpool caused an earthquake around the lake and everything around it was consumed by the lake.

The Singing Oak

There is an Oak tree just across the street from the New Orleans Museum. It is also known as the Chime Tree due to the music it creates when the wind blows.

A local artist named Jim Hart attached the wind chimes on the branches. They are all painted in black so you can’t really see them. However, you can clearly hear them when the wind blows. One of the tallest wind chimes measures 14-feet long.

The Myrtle Plantation

If you are up for some spookiness, then why don’t you try spending the night at this B&B. It is known to be one of the most haunted houses in the US. Some say the plantation is built over a cemetery.

Prison Rodeo At Angola Penitentiary

Rodeos are exhilarating to watch. One thing that is different from this rodeo is that the participants are the prisoners. When it comes to prison rodeos, they hold the record for the longest-running one in the US.

There are several activities like wild cow milking, bull riding, and bareback riding. There is also an unusual activity called bull poker, where the players sit at a poker table while a bull runs towards them.