vagabond’s nightmare


I have plenty of stories about the awesome experiences I’ve had while living the vagabond lifestyle. I simply love the freeing experience!

You don’t have daily schedules to follow, you can explore the world at your own time, and you get to enjoy lots of new experiences.

However, living the vagabond lifestyle can be also challenging at times, that’s especially true when the pandemic hit. With borders, public bathrooms, restaurants, campsites, shops, and even the public library closed, where’s a vagabond to go?

A Vagabond With A Home

Some people who live the vagabond lifestyle go all out. They don’t have a base to come home to, a familiar place to stay maybe once every year. However, there are some vagabonds that do have a place they come back to where they make all the plans before they go on to their next adventure, a place they call home.

Whether that place is of their own, a family member, or a close friend, it’s great to have one. However, due to the pandemic, vagabonds still fear the safety of those they’ll be staying with. After all, they’ve been outdoors for most of the time.

As I do have a place of my own, not too fancy but still quite cozy if I may say so myself, that isn’t much of a problem for me. But I have to admit, planning for adventures at the time of the pandemic is very challenging. I don’t want to get stuck somewhere and stare at the walls until the pandemic dies down.

So Where Do I Go?

I clearly don’t want to travel too far and get turned down because they’re close due to the pandemic. That’s what is so great with having a base, you have somewhere to come back to when all doors close down on you unexpectedly.

So I scour for places that I could go to and still be somewhat close to home. I needed to go somewhere open or wide open so social distancing could still be followed. I also preferred an area near the coast or the mountains.

Although I have already been through those places, the vagabond blood running through my veins is itching me to go somewhere and not stay stuck at home. But alas, the places I wanted to go to were closed. Then we were on lockdown so there was nothing left for me to do but stay home. What a nightmare!

Getting Stuck At Home Isn’t So Bad

Come to think of it, getting stuck at home may not be so bad. There are other people who were hit pretty badly by the pandemic. I’m still lucky that I’m healthy and would still be able to travel, especially now that there are vaccines and most places have already opened.

In fact, I’m now planning my next adventure. If there is something I learned from this is that being a vagabond helps you adapt to the situation you’re in.

I might have been stuck at home longer than I would like, but I just kept my hopes up of all these ending someday so we can all take on new adventures.

For the time being, I spent most of my time working out or researching. Now I have a list of places where I want to go and I am looking forward to checking each and every one of those soon.