travel cost


Traveling is fun and exciting but one of the things that could be challenging is to find a huge budget for it. However, you can still enjoy traveling and experiencing the different sites, scenes, food, culture, and other awesome things different places have to offer without draining your bank account.

A lot of people don’t want to admit it, but when you’re traveling, accommodation is one of the biggest expenses. Instead of canceling your trip because of the cost, should just find ways how to save on your expenses while traveling. One of them is by saving on your accommodation cost.

Tips On Saving On Accommodation

Use Airbnb

Airbnb is a great way to save on your accommodation expenses. There are many places where you can find a room or an entire house for less than the cost of a hotel room. And, if you’re traveling with a group of people, this can be an even better option because you can split the cost between everyone.


Camping is not just for summertime! There are many places around the world that offer great camping opportunities all year round. Not only will you save money on your accommodation costs, but you’ll also get to enjoy nature and spend time outdoors.

Ever wanted to sleep under the blanket of stars? Camping is a perfect opportunity for that. Plus you also get to save on meals as you can cook your own food and save money that way.

Stay In A Hostel

Hostels are a great way to save on your accommodation costs and meet new people. You can find hostels in most major cities around the world and they offer both private and shared rooms. This is a great option if you’re traveling solo or with a friend.

Travel During The Off-Season

If you’re able to travel during the off-season, you’ll be able to save a lot of money on your accommodation costs. Most places have their high and low season for tourism and accommodation rates usually reflect that. So, if you can travel during the off-season, you’ll be able to find cheaper rates for hotels, hostels, and Air BnB.


Couchsurfing is a website and app that connects travelers with locals who are willing to offer them a place to stay. This is a great way to save on your accommodation costs and also get to meet new people and learn about their culture.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to save on your accommodation costs while traveling. By using Airbnb, camping, staying in a hostel, or Couchsurfing, you’ll be able to enjoy your trip without spending a fortune on accommodation. Do you have any other tips on how to save money on accommodation? Share them with us in the comments below!